About Us

Welcome to Swarn Mahal Jewellers - the house of fine handcrafted jewellery. Over the past sixty years, we've been adding the magical sparkle of diamond, gold, polki-kundan and platinum jewellery to the lives of our valued patrons.

The company was established about 60 years back by its founder LATE LALA DANPAL DAS JAIN JI. It started with handmade jewellery,and then graduated to casting jewellery, antick jewellery, polki jewellery and platinum - diamond jewellery. We are backed by series of marketing activities never seen before in the history of jewellery industry.It includes extensive television advertisements, print media, outdoor media & in store publicity. We offers to the consumers, a world-class product at its best and lowest price. We start our business from a small city in district sitapur but today we are a leading brand in LUCKNOW and north India also.Every jewellery manufacturing process is under computer control and purity is also as well.

We offer excellent craftsmanship, high quality standards and an exhaustive range of classic and contemporary designs available our store located at Bhootnath Lucknow. Apart from ready-to-wear jewellery, we also create bespoke jewellery design services. With a clientele spread across India and the world, we continue to feel inspired to create timeless jewellery that's a class apart.


The Swarnmahal Jewellers was founded in 1973. The flagship store of the company opened its doors to customers at Bhootnath, Lucknow. The chain of these up-market and strategically located stores brought to life the founder's dream of establishing a trusted, valued and dependable names in the jewellery retail market of Lucknow.

Winning the trust and patronage of customers, the company has grown from strength to strength over six decades. Living up to its age-old values and tradition of uncompromising quality, unmatched craftsmanship and excellence in service, Swarnmahal Jewellers has carved a niche for itself amongst discerning customers not just in India but abroad as well. Carrying forward these very values into the twenty first century, the company is moving on to spread its presence across different markets in a phased manner.

Swarnmahal Jewellers not only promise beautiful, well crafted jewellery but also deliver personalised and cared-for consumer experience. Lucknow (Bhootnath) based store has well trained personnel with the singular objective of assisting the customers and ensuring a fulfilling experience while shopping at Swarnmahal Jewellers, Bhootnath.